The new era of SAGD, join forces with Silicoin!

Many people have questions about SAGD. What is it?

SAGD with Star Wars as the theme, made up of many a star, the stars against world view and it integrates the planet civilization construction, management, operations and community content of virtual survival, etc… using an open mode for its construction, everything outside the bottom frame will be built by the players, everything in the game can generate NFT (land, construction, mining, equipment, skin, etc.), It aims to create a decentralized online virtual reality space metaverse game platform.

We now know SAGD is a NFT GameFi game, so what’s so appealing about it?

1) SAGD absorbs the essence of making money while playing. From the purchase of items to the sale of equipment, items and their derived rewards, the entire process relies on crypto assets.

2) NFT cardholders can continue to earn bonuses from the game, which reinforces the connection between different parts of the game. SAGD allows users to create heroes of different races, choose different fleets to explore space, and put their heroes and NFT into teams to earn SAGD rewards in a variety of ways.

3) In addition, the game store will sell a wealth of items, players can pay SAGD to buy their Heroes, fight the Boss planet, get rewards and achieve the domination of the galaxy!

As more and more GameFi appear, how can SAGDS maintain their advantages?

1) SAGD will grasp the future trend of NFT and provide the development of an underlying technology construction framework suitable for ecological development.

2) SAGD focuses on the participation experience of consensus. In addition, through personal invitation and experience sharing in community forums, stickiness between users can be increased and all participants benefit from consensus.

3) The SAGD allows users to generate a baseline view of the trend of the metaverse without having to constantly research numerous projects and adjust their investment strategy.

4) Based on blockchain technology and smart contracts, SAGD Alliance platform realizes massive ownership cutting, circulation process tracing, income and dividend management, etc., which makes SAGD ecosystem asset investment become small-scale and high-end

5) SAGD has the advantages of system security and tamper-proof. The SAGD ecosystem makes transactions based on blockchain’s smart contracts and automatically generates payment orders.

How will SAGD be shown to the public?

SAGD provides users with reliable, secure and fast blockchain applications to meet their needs in various scenarios. Specifically, the PC app supports mainstream operating systems such as Windows and macOS. A mobile app, supporting mainstream operating systems such as iOS and Android; Web app, that supports domestic and foreign mainstream browsers.

Which team and country did SAGD’s developers come from? Will it become monotonous?

SAGD has a strong development team that includes:

1) Alcot, who graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a master’s degree, is an entrepreneur coach and mentor. He has served as the general manager and executive director of several listed groups, and is the author of action marketing.

2) Bentley has been engaged in big data and blockchain technology development since 2010, focusing on cryptocurrency research. As the technical director of MOKA, MOKA has sold more than 2 billion copies of game software worldwide, created many famous figures in the history of the game, such as Mario and Donkey Kong, and also created the most classic games and dramas in the history of the game. Like The Legend of Zelda.

3) Cher Xing, head of community operations, holds a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and is the founder of Blizzard Entertainment, a famous Game production and publishing company in the United States.

4) Garfield, Master of Financial Management, University of UK, formerly worked for Morgan Stanley investment Banker, mainly responsible for investment advisor in SAGD games.

Speaking of games related to the economy, what has SAGD done to protect player accounts, and even privacy?

Each internet-connected IOT device, after being “identified” on the blockchain, has a unique global identity that can be used to identify credit. Each smart contract has a unique public address, just like a regular wallet. The difference is that the private key of the smart contract is discarded when the contract is created, so no one can send the digital assets inside the smart contract after it is created, except for the consensus mechanism.

In view of the up-chain demand of monitoring events in the Internet of things, that is, the device holder of the IOT can set the smart contract, data storage path and data charge amount in advance, so as to broadcast the whole network and store digital records. SAGD’s smart contracts require mandatory, real-time, and fully automatic triggering in the event of an abnormal event. The data that triggers the condition is also blockchain-protected data, accurate, secure, and immutable.

What are SAGD’s future plans or developments while developing the game?

SAGD will construct an integrated metaverse ecological chain of NFT + DeFi + DAO. Because SAGD games directly port Ethereum’s underlying technology and interface standards, the cost of migration is very low for developers, there is an incentive for third parties to cheaply expand their businesses to new platforms, to gain user traffic, and there is a low barrier to learning and connecting for Ethereum DeFi users. The cost of the ecological chain includes the cost of Dapp development, debugging, maintenance and upgrade.

At the level of cross-chain ecological application, the community is actively encouraged and guided to develop and launch more high-quality [cross-chain + DeFi – applications, and enrich the categories of ecological applications, such as increasing cross-chain machine gun pool, cross-chain NFT trading platform, cross-chain two-layer solutions, etc. In the long run, the performance metrics required to achieve the desired DeFi business in the future will be much more than that, and SAGD games will be the technical solution to the scalability problem in a real sense.

Will SAGD and Silicoin work together in the future?

Silicoin is a branch of Chia with strong potential and a very large user base. SAGD is a new GameFi project with great potential for the future. We believe that cooperation between the two sides will produce more sparks. After SAGD’s chain tour is officially launched, both sides will discuss the details of specific cooperation in more depth. As far as we can see, the simplest and most straightforward solution is to have SIT circulating in the game. Users can play with SAGD and SIT of their choice, such as opening blind boxes, purchasing NFT and precious equipment, etc.